True Blue Pools



We offer weekly and bi-weekly or One time only  pool cleaning, which includes:

testing your pool water and adding balancing chemicals ( Liquid or tablet chlorine, Sodium bicarbonate, acid, soda ash and calcium).  If pool is a salt system, salt is included.

We brush, net and vacuum pool and spa. We empty all baskets

We clean filters and tile bi-weekly,

We have 18 years experience in pool care, 

We balance your water so its safe for your family, 

ONE TIME CLEANING: For properly maintained pools. We offer one time service if you are sick, out of town, or for a party. Call us 1 day prior and we will come out and clean your pool. Starting at $35.00, includes balancing chemicals. (does not include green pools)

ACID WASHES:  Is your surface looking old and stained? Not ready for a remodel? We come in and drain and acid wash your pool. Starting at $375.00 for small pool only. We include 2 jugs chlorine and stabilizer to get you started with the new water. 

GREEN POOL CLEAN-UPS: We can turn your green pool blue again!

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