True Blue Pools


We have 18 years of experience with residential and commercial pools.

We install and repair pumps, filters, chlorinators, salt systems, automation, pool lights, timers, and hand rails.

We repair leaks in plumbing, valves and motors.

We offer competitive rates on partial and full leak detections.
All leaks start at the skimmer. if just the skimmer housing is leaking, we charge 85$ to repair with epoxy or pool patch.

A full detection on a Pool only is 250.00
On a Pool and Spa, 275.00
If leak is in shell (not incluiding tile) we will repair on site for no additional cost.
if leak is in a pipe underground (skimmer pipe, main drain pipe, vacuum pipe or return pipe). Each job will be bid on before repairing.
If in the tile line, a complete evaluation is required to determine if pool wall is still intact, and an estimate can be written.